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Select your "Make", "Model" and "Year" to determine the installation accessories and speakers that go with your vehicle.

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Why do I need these parts?
See below for a complete explanation of why these parts will get your vehicle connected the right way!

Dash Kit: A dash kit is required to fit an aftermarket radio without altering your vehicles dash. This will allow you to restore your vehicle to its original factory look if you decide to sell later.

Wire Harness: A wire harness is required to make an easy connection to your aftermarket radio without cutting into your vehicles factory wiring. This accessory simply plugs into your vehicles wire harness, making this an easy connection to your aftermarket radio.

Antenna Adaptor: An antenna adaptor is required for some vehicles that have a different size antenna lead. This accessory simply plugs into the factory or aftermarket antenna lead in your vehicle. *If you're installing a FM modulator or RF CD changer you will need the "Combo Kit" which includes the factory-to-aftermarket and the aftermarket-to-factory adapters.